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Dear Sir & Mamm,

My Name is Maria age 25 years single. I have work in Philippines as a Live In helper to look after an infant since baby was born for two years. I mostly help mamm look after baby and also do housework. I know cooking of philippines food, american food like pasta and also will learn to cook singapore food. Please give me a chance to work with your family and I will try to do my best.

Thank you sir and mamm.

Yours sincerely


Single (25)
Upd on 11-Jan-17

Dear Sir and Mam

I am Evelyn V Que, aged 39 years old, married with 1 son aged 6 years old now. My husband has a small business selling pepsi soft drinks, and financially it is not enough for the raising cost of living in Philippines.

I had worked in Malaysia for 2 years and finished contract. My employer is Chinese, a mother and son. I am expecting to be an all around housemaid, doing household chores, ironing, laundry and cooking. I also tutor the son in homework, fetching him from school. I had returned to Philippines to see my family in Nov 2015.

I am a confiden and down to earth lady. If you ever hire me as your domestic helper, i will try my best to adapt and contribute to your family.

Thank you Sir and Mam

Yours sincerely

Evelyn V Que.

Married (40)
Upd on 11-Jan-17

Dear Sir / Mam

Thanks for taking time to read through my biodata. I am Daisy, age 34, a single parent to 1 daughter coming to 3 years old. My mother will be helping me to look after my daughter when i am back in Singapore to work.

I am an ex-singapore helper who completed 2 years contract back in 2013. It is a big house with 7 members in the family. There are 2 helpers in the household whereby my priority is the children and household chores. The other helper does the cooking and look after the younger child age 1 back then.

I am looking to come back to work, as i really require the financial assistance as my child is getting older now.

If you ever choose me as your helper, i promise to be dedicated, hardworking and adapt to your family quickly.

Thanks and your sincerely

Daisy Macatumbas

Single Parent (34)
Upd on 29-Nov-16

Dear Sir and Mam

I am Girlie J Realin, I'm Married and have two children, 2 and 4 years old. Please give me a chance to work with you and I will do my best to do my work, be honest, be responsible. I will also promise to finish my two years contact,

my husband work as a Farmer and I have two young children. I will work hard for them and also I come from a big famly so do not have alot of help from my own family.

Thank you sir mamm.

Married (27)
Upd on 14-Sep-16

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